Intergalactic, Planetary, Planetary, Intergalactic: did Star Trek 3 go beyond expectations?

To answer the question bluntly: no, not really. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. In a time when everything is getting very, very political, Star Trek Beyond is a nice little 2-hour escape from all of that. Whilst perhaps not as gripping as the preceding two films, it’s still a fun, easy-to-follow story, with the added bonus of  couple more great actors being introduced into the franchise (Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella) . There are points in which the story does drag on and feel a little bit aimless, but all is rectified by a really great battle scene choreographed to the music of the Beastie Boys. Would I recommend going to see this film? Sure, go for it.

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Of White Supremacists and Corrupt Prison Guards: a look at OITNB’s social commentary

By now we know that Orange is the New Black loves to give its viewers a social commentary. It’s not exactly a shock either that a lot of that social commentary focuses upon racial tensions, making Litchfield Prison a little microcosm for the events happening in America right now, drawing its audience’s attention to problems they might not even be aware of. Kohan and her team of writers do a great job at humanising the characters in the show, making us realise that they’re far more than just prisoners; we sympathise with them, we love them, we hate them, but we all look at the way they’re treated, whether it be by guards or by each other and think, “wow, that’s pretty fucked up”. What we need to do now is consider how these story lines apply to real life, and what the writers are implying about these problems. (Warning: major spoilers ahead.)

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